Central States Capital Markets (“Central States”) provides a wide array of asset management services.  Whether the client is in need of general asset management or our more specialized Equity Portfolio Management; Central States can help clients build, manage, and analyze portfolios of all types.

General Asset Management Services
Central States Capital Markets (“Central States”) Investment Representatives have powerful resources, typically attributed only to the financial heavyweights. The team has refined its ability to deliver services in a more personal manner, reflecting Midwest values and respect for each customer’s needs.
Central States’ professionals are dedicated to providing a high level of service with an emphasis on customer suitability, innovation, and maximization of income to the customer. Provided below are some of the products and services we provide:


6903 Vista Drive, Suite A
West Des Moines, Iowa 50266

Kansas City

4200 W 83rd Street, Ste 101
Prairie Village, KS 66208

Custodial and Clearing​

  • Utilize Pershing through Central States Capital Markets
  • Provide full Treasury management through existing custodian
  • Establishment of third-party custodian
  • Debit and credit access to any bank account nationwide

Identification of Tax Status

  • Federal & State tax exemption needs
  •  AMT tax avoidance requirements

Cash Management Products

  •     Money Market Funds
  •     U.S. Government Securities
  •     Certificates of Deposit
  •     Commercial Paper
  •     Municipal Bonds


245 North Waco Street, Ste 525
Wichita, KS 67201

Asset Allocation

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Customized portfolio development for each investor
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Structuring liquidity and cash needs​

Investment Management

Investment Policy Statements

  • Identification of investment objectives
  • Investment guidelines
  • Risk evaluation