Public Finance Services

  •     Analyze Financing Options
  •     Determine Debt Capacity
  •     Develop Financing Structure
  •     Assist with Bond Election
  •     Prepare Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  •     Review bid results
  •     Prepare Notice of Bond Sale
  •     Assist with preparation of Preliminary and Official Statements
  •     Coordinate All Legal and Financial Matters
  •     Coordinate Bond Closing

Public Finance

Bond Issues Underwritten

  •     General Obligation
  •     Electric, Water and Sewer Revenue
  •     Public Building Commission Review
  •     Airport Authority Revenue
  •     Certificates of Participation
  •     Lease Purchases
  •     Industrial Development Revenue
  •     Health Care Revenue
  •     Higher Education Revenue
  •     Multi‐Family Housing Revenue

Kansas City

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Central States Capital Markets (“Central States”) can aid in your financing decision-making process.  Acting either in a Municipal Advisor capacity or as an Underwriter, our representative will help determine if bond financing is a viable solution. Whether you are a not-for-profit or for‐profit business, municipal bond financing is a low‐cost solution for the construction, expansion or purchase of buildings, land and equipment.
Your Central States Investment Representative can provide a seamless transition from your municipal bond application process to the actual closing and delivery of your bond issue through our own underwriting capabilities. Tax‐exempt and taxable financing services are specialized for state and local governmental agencies, healthcare providers, educational and industrial corporations, special authorities and not-for‐profit organizations.
The advantages for tax‐exempt bond financings can include: fixed interest rates, lower total interest cost than conventional loans, property tax abatements and state sales tax exemptions.


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